From the feedback received from different Organizations diploma holders in Architectural Assistantship find employment in service sector as: Architectural Assistant / Draftsman / Junior Architectural Draftsman /

Junior Planning Assistant in the following organizations:

  • The private enterprises consisting of firms of Architects or Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Interior Designers, web – page designers and survey companies Government departments namely:

State Department of Architecture, State Department of Town and Country Planning, Central Public Works Department, State Housing Boards and Corporations, State Urban Development Agency Railways, Military Engineering Services, Local Bodies, Survey of India, State Electricity Department/Boards, Telecommunication Department, Teaching profession.

Self Employment

Private Practice with local bodies, Own unit/ enterprise for
a) Model Making
b) Perspective making
c) Landscaping
d) Drawings and CAD
Service to Private Architects, Sub Contracts of Construction, Renovation, Repair and Interior Design, Site Supervision, Site Surveying, Estimation and Billing, Site/marketing of building components, Liaison Work