Advancements in technology are primarily responsible for the development of the human race from the Stone Age to present space and nano technological age. Engineering and Technology has led us to rapid industrialization, modernization and mass production. It is responsible for speedy and safer travelling over unimaginable long distances, energy from unseen atomic particles and communications through space based satellites by unseen micro and radio waves, medicines from in organic chemicals and exploration of deep space through remotely controlled cameras and radio wave observatories.

With this advancement, the production and operating units of different activities also grew into phenomenal sizes and the need for effective management of these became a real challenge. Technology has raised the level of production at quantitative and qualitative levels but it could not replace the man management element.

Hodal, is the emerging city of Haryana in Delhi NCR region in which various Industries, MNCs and corporate houses are being established. Due to concentration of industries, employment is increasing in this area. Girls’ education is taking shape in quality and quantity in this area. The management of Maharani Kishori Memorial KanyaMahavidaylaya Education Society has established this college after a decade year of experience in providing quality education to girls. The colleges will provide technical education to girls to fulfill the gap of technical education among boys and girls and make them employable for the industries.

Technical education contributes substantially to the Socio Economic development of the country as a whole. The development sustenance of the industrial sector is entirely dependent upon the availability of trained Manpower to perform the multidimensional activities needed to keep the wheel of industry running. Equality of educational opportunities and preparing highly skilled work force for enterprises widely with excellence is objective of M.K.M. College of Polytechnic for Girls.

Girls Education is one of the most important aspects of society which is required to be inculcated in the right earnest in the future offspring. It forms the foundation of future in the coming generations of our society. M.K.M. College of Polytechnic for Girls has a mission to educate and trained the girls of the nation with quality education in every stream of life.